I have retired and therefore closed my ceramics business in 2016.

My name is Maarit Mattanen and I work as a ceramic artist in Sodankylä, Finland. I have always been interested in Arts & Crafts and in different materials. In the mid 90′s I took lessons in several handcraft-courses. I got to explore wood, reindeer antler, leather, stone and clay. I was fascinated by all of them, but when I discovered Raku ceramics I was amazed by the technique. I was inspired by the courses and found my dream job. I decided to set up my own business, Maari, in 2001. Clay and especially the Raku technique inspire me continuously to create something new. In Raku ceramics I am fascinated by the roughness and the unpredictability of the material that allows me an unlimited world of possibilities as an artist. I can choose the color of the glaze, but the final crackles and tones come by, what I call, The Great Surprise.
Every piece is one-of-a-kind and just as unique as the elements of nature. The incredible colors, shapes and materials of Lapland’s nature are my greatest inspiration. The designs reflect my love of nature. From these pages you can find many beautiful products for your interior decoration. You are also very welcome to drop in at my shop and ceramic studio in Sodankylä. At the same time, you can find out about my work as a ceramic artist and buy some top-quality products. With a pinch of Lapland magic, Maarit Mattanen Maarit Mattanen   Ceramic artist